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Moonlight: My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

Song: My Skin
Artist: Natalie Merchant
Spoilers: up to episode 1×08

This is my very first Moonlight video. I am a total Mick & Beth shipper. I guess I’ve got something for pairings where one is human and the other is not…. calls for a highly dramatic relationship. So yeah, this is a Mick & Beth video. Absolutely. Totally. From beginning to end.

I fell in love with the music after HumansRSuperior sent me the song a while back. It just screams drama and sweetness to me which basically are synonyms for Mick and Beth… so there ya go, my first Moonlight vid!

Download 29.45MB file here or stream below the cut.


[flashvideo filename=mvs/myguardianangel.flv /]


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Comment by Lesley
2007-12-21 15:31:06

Absolutely beautiful! Great choices for scenes and music.

Comment by Pat
2007-12-23 00:28:57

This is incredibly well done. The clips fit the music perfectly. I love the dialogue between Mick and Beth. You should do more MickBeth videos and make sure to post links on Moonlight fan sites.

Comment by Sheree-Lynn
2008-01-01 01:50:46

OMG!!!!! that was just WOW!!! BRILLIANT! beyond words.
I’m going to post the link over at Fanforum so the Mick and Beth shippers there can see this. Every Mick and Beth shipper should see this video! : )
Thank you for making this *HUG*

Comment by tata
2008-01-01 07:51:51

That was a Damn Good video!!!

it took my breath away!!


Comment by Leeser
2008-01-01 20:02:11

Amazing video! Absolutely riveting. Thankee!

Comment by Diane
2008-01-01 20:44:05

Wow!!! That was absoultely beautiful!!!!!!! Great song choice and the voiceovers along with the music reach right inside of you and pull at you……my heart is still beating. I love this show and I love them together. Thank you for that awesome piece of TRUE artwork!!!!

Diane : )

Comment by Karen
2008-01-01 20:54:17

That was THE most beautiful, heartbreaking MickBeth video I have seen yet, and I’ve seen hundreds of them. You have a gift, thank you so much for sharing the love of our perfect couple. (((hugs)))

Comment by elljaybee
2008-01-01 20:55:23

Great video! You pay tribute to Mick and Beth’s growing feelings and you catch the many nuances in that relationship. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

Comment by Cathy
2008-01-01 21:09:26

Dang! That is so hot! And you’re so fearless with a sensitve issue! Nice job.

Comment by Lynn
2008-01-01 21:26:25

Such a sweet video – just beautiful! I downloaded to enjoy over and over – thank you!

Comment by Susan
2008-01-01 21:31:56

Wow! I’m speechless! What an awesome video. Beautiful and heart warming, its a true dedication of love to our MickBeth. Well done, well done!

Comment by Margie
2008-01-02 00:22:22

This is THE best Mick/Beth video I have ever seen. It is truly amazing. Thank you.

Comment by Susan
2008-01-02 02:10:18

This is by far the best MickBeth video that has ever been my privledge to view. Its absolutely stunning! The song is perfect and the scene selection awesome. Well done, my friend, well done! Brava!

Comment by véro.
2008-01-02 22:42:02

Thank you so much for this wonderful video <3

Comment by Cuprina (ClChen)
2008-01-03 15:46:31

Wow, this about brought me to tears! Great Job!

Comment by Angela
2008-01-04 00:06:38

Wow, that was really wonderful. That’s probably one of the best fan vids I’ve ever seen.

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