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Fringe: Kidz

Song: Kidz
Artist: Take That

Beware when the kids come out to play!

This is my Club Vivid Premiere vid 2011. It was more of an experiment. When I first saw the original music video for this song, I thought “oh, lense flares!” which is something the people on Fringe like to play with that. Add the epic flying Take That logo to the mix and compare it with the Fringe logo and you have quite the combination! So I mixed the original Take That footage of Kidz with footage taken from 3 seasons of Fringe. The resulting video is almost 5 minutes long but I think it’s a fun little piece for an awesome dark show.

This video contains spoilers for the whole of season 3.

Download 62.4.3MB HQ mp4 file here, download a 33.2MB LQ wmv file here or stream below the cut.



[flashvideo filename=mvs/kidz.flv height=208 width=368 displayheight=208 /]




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Comment by kat
2011-08-18 18:21:07

This vid is so awesome! I’d never seen a Take That vid but that vid and Fringe worked so well together. I love Fringe and you did such a great job with this. Amazing work. I’m so impressed with your work, and the end result of this vid just blew me away. Thanks for posting the link.

Comment by Nicol Leoraine
2011-08-18 20:02:09

This was… simply fantastic! The song, the transitions and all the cool lighting effects were a perfect combination. Thanks for the vid, favorited it on my Delicious account:-)

Comment by Dawn
2011-08-23 21:52:22

Just incredible–I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Such smooth, fast cuts to the beat of the music and a driving pace that grabbed me. Wonderful use of both scary and fun scenes.

Comment by Purpleyin
2013-03-10 16:36:24

Don’t usually see combination music/fan vids like this but it does work fairly well with the type of footage from the original vid. I do like, good job.

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