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Doctor Who: I Don’t Have Anything

Song: I Don’t Have Anything
Artist: VAST

Larissa_J sent me this song a while back with the sole intent for me to make a Ten/Rose shipper vid out of it. A Ten/Rose shipper vid it is. Yup. Definitely 🙂 That’s about the single thing that describes this vid from beginning to end. It’s season 3 mixed in with season 2 (or vice versa LOL). Hope you enjoy it!

On a technical note, I have been asked several times how much time I spend on making a vid. I never timed myself before, but I did for this vid. Over the course of several days (make that over a week….), I spent a total of 78 hours on vidding this song. This does not include the render time for this video, which ended up being close to 3 hours due to the fact that the season 2 clips in this vid are run through a special effects pack that tremendously slows down a render.

Download 48.18MB file here.


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