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Farscape: The Darkest Hour

Song: The Lonely Shepard
Artist: Zamfir

This is my answer to the Clamshell challenge #10. I picked a song from the Kill Bill 1 OST and paired it with the episode Die Me Dichotomy. In the beginning, I wasn’t really sure if I would participate in this challenge – simply because I didn’t seem to be able to find a song that actually did speak to me for a single episode. I definitely was inspired by several other songs, but was not able to come up with a single episode to go with. That changed the moment I actually got my hand on the Kill Bill 1 OST and started flipping through the tracks – and stumbled upon The Lonely Shepard which screamed Die Me Dichotomy immediately. The song itself is instrumental and rather slow paced. The clips I paired with it do add to the kind of dark and sad feeling the music evokes. If you expect an action or a happy vid, this is nothing for you. This is the tale of one of Farscape’s saddest moments!

Download 13.42MB file here (329 hits).