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Farscape: In Your Hands

Song: In Your Hands
Artist: Tobias Regner

Okay, so I did another video for The Choice. Sue me! 😀 I can’t help it, I just love this episode.

This video is by far the one I have worked on the longest. I think it took me over a month to finish this. Why you ask? Have a look, and you will notice. I had to do frame by frame masking for this one. i think I ended up with close to 450 frame masks, yikes! Was it worth the trouble? You be the judge! ;D

So sit back and enjoy this little piece 😉

Download 30.29MB file here (632 hits).


Farscape: I Still Burn

Song: I Still Burn
Artist: Tobias Regner

Nobody knows Tobias Regner – that is, unless you have been following the 3rd season of German Idol 😉 He’s the winner….. and unlike the other peeps who ever won or were in the top 10, he actually makes great music cause hey, he’s a musician himself!! He just put out an album a la Nickelback style which I absolutely love!

Now talk about this vid…. It’s a John centered piece, with lots of John and Aeryn shippiness! Basically, it’s about Aeryn helping John through his madness. I probably twisted the lyrics to the extreme to tell this story, but I think it kinda worked! Oh, and if you wanna see something crazy this is a screenshot of my Vegas project for this vid. Look how crazy!!! :laugh:

And last, this one is for a good friend I would have never met without Farscape and for the one person who gave me my inspiration back by letting me know I am not the only one 😉

Download 26.25MB file here (576 hits).