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Life on Mars: Welcome To The Real World

Song: Welcome To The Real World
Artist: The All-American Rejects

“Welcome to the real world, Sam Tyler.”

This video was made for the Premiere show at Vividcon 2009 and was shown during the Non-Attending Premieres as I was (sadly) not attending.

I made this video back in June after rhoboat introduced me to the new Transformers 2 OST and I found that song on it. I thought it was rather fitting for Sam who suddenly got chucked into 1972 and had to figure out what the real world was for him.

Download 49.0MB file here (937 hits) or stream below the cut.

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Moonlight: It Ends Tonight

Song: It Ends Tonight
Artist: The All-American Rejects
Spoilers: up to episode 1×16

“Being a vampire isn’t all you are. It’s not what’s keeping us apart. It’s just you.”

I know this is nothing like the vids I have produced in the last few months when it comes to the visuals. I decided to go back to my roots for a change and just do something different. I keep telling people fast and prominent beats in songs make me bonkers so I tried really hard not to do beat-editing in this one and still make it flow with the music. Don’t know if I succeeded, but I think the output looks pretty LOL

Since this vid can cause sensory overload at times, I suggest you rather download it and watch it full screen on your computer if you can than streaming it on the website.

Download 30.05MB file here (927 hits) or stream below the cut. Read more »