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Farscape: Listen To Your Heart

Song: Listen To Your Heart
Artist: Roxette

No, I am not on a Roxette trip – though 2 songs in a month are kinda supicious, huh?

I’ve been meaning to vid this song for a long while now already, but since it’s over 5 minutes long, I never actually did it. I started, stopped, started, stopped, etc…. And finally finished it today. There were a lot of changes done, and this looks nothing like the first draft anymore.
I’ve also experimented with sound clips a little – by request of Yankeebelle ;-D Sometimes it’s definitely eerie….

Now about the vid, it’s John and Aeryn misery based on the coin toss in 5:33. Yep, i dragged this out to the fullest, didn’t cut out a single beep – and I think it’s all worth it! Enjoy!

Download 39.24MB file here (797 hits).


Stargate SG-1: The Look

Song: The Look
Artist: Roxette

This is my second Stargate SG-1 vid – and my second Vala vid.

I’ve been dying to vid this song for quite some time. While I had some of it planned out in my head already though, I wanted to wait for the DVD release of season 9. Hence you’re getting a nice quality vid without the ScFi logo.

Download 27.575MB file here (1901 hits) or stream below the cut.

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Farscape: Almost Unreal

Song: Almost Unreal
Artist: Roxette

I heard that song yesterday and I would not leave my head until I sat down and made a vid out of it 😀 So I was up till about 4am, working on this, pestering Garrix with stupid Vegas questions (sorry! But I eventually *did* find out what we both were looking for 😉 ) and then just crashed over the comp…. woke up at 10am not being able to breath (terrible, terrible, terrible – and did I say terrible? – cold), but hey, the Scaper I am, I went back to the vid 😀 I had this all planned out last night, from beginning to end, and while I had done about half of it last night, the second half kinda took a life of its own today after I inserted a clip from PKW…. Oh well…. I don’t think it went into a bad direction from there 😀

I played a little with the settings and effects in Vegas (and I can honestly say I like it better than Premiere 😉 ) and this came out of it! And now I am going to have this stupid song in my head forever, grrrr. The chorus just stuck, damn 😀

Download 14.2MB file here (531 hits).