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Birds of Prey: The Birds of Prey

Song: Gotham City
Artist: R Kelly

“They are called The Birds of Prey – the protectors of New Gotham City.”

This video was made for greensilver for the Festivid Exchange 2009.

I’ve been dying to vid this show for quite some time but I never really got around to do so. When I saw the request for a pinchhitter at the Festivid Exchange, I was totally game. I had 4 days to fit the deadline, so I decided to go with the first song that came to my head – R Kelly’s Gotham City. I thought it would be a good fit to show off the new protectors of Gotham City.

Download 39MB HQ mp4 file here (772 hits), download a 19.5MB LQ wmv file here (683 hits) or stream below the cut.

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