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FlashForward: Nightmares

Song: Gray’s Theme
Artist: Murray Gold
Additional Audio taken from: Doctor Who – The End of Times

“What if your worst nightmare suddenly becomes true?”

This video was made for hapex legomena for the Festivid Exchange 2009.

When I wrote my letter for Festivids and thought about the sources I could offer to vid for someone else, this show was at the top of my list. I was hoping to get matched on it, but I thought my chances were really slim. I was deliberately putting off vidding this show until the Festivids matches came back – and lo and behold, FlashForward was the fandom I was supposed to vid. I was in heaven.

The video you are seeing now is version 5 of “Nightmares”. I had it all finished and ready to go when Doctor Who’s The End of Times came along – and out the window went the final version of this vid. I revised the beginning of this vid to fit audio clips taken from Doctor Who that I thought would enhance the “end of times” feeling that the premiere of FlashFoward portrayed so well. This is the result.

Download 32.1MB HQ mp4 file here (769 hits), download a 16MB LQ wmv file here (767 hits) or stream below the cut.

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Moonlight: History Repeats

Song: Toshiko and Tommy, Into the Hub, Owen Fights Death and Sleepers, Awake!
Artist: Murray Gold
Spoilers: episode 1×15

“We’re gonna get Jacob back. We have to.”

I dub thee vidfic, heh! LOL

I got an idea for a fic the other day and frankly, I just lack the motivation to sit down and write. So I thought I could try to do a vidfic instead – tell my fic in a vid. This vid is so seriously AU that you can’t even call it AU anymore if you ask me. I think I abused the exisiting Moonlight footage as much as it was humanly possible.

So what you have here could be seen as a future, 5 minutes long episode of Moonlight.

I apologize to Murray Gold for abusing his excellent Torchwood music to fit my purpose.

Download 25.13MB file here (833 hits) (There is no streaming version of this vid available as the filesize for both the download file and the streaming file were about the same.)