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Birds of Prey: Where Do I Belong?

Song: Somewhere I Belong
Artist: Linkin Park

“She is torn between two worlds. During the day, she is just Helena Kyle but at night, she is Huntress, the vigilante roaming the streets of Gotham City.”

Even though this show only lasted for 13 episodes, I loved it to death. Not because of the cheesy plots it had – nope, because it had kickass women in it! I recently was inspired to watch the show again from beginning to end and was totally drawn into the whole “kickass women have their own show” theme.

This video is a tribute to Helena Kyle, daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Or to Huntress, daughter of Batman and Catwoman.

Download 53.6MB HQ mp4 file here (816 hits), download a 26.8MB LQ wmv file here (722 hits) or stream below the cut.

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Farscape: What I’ve Done

Song: What I’ve Done
Artist: Linkin Park

This song was sent to me by rhoboat a while back. She won me at the Sweet Charity auction and asked me to do a Doctor Who video to this song. So I did. While I was vidding it, I thought this would also make a cool John song, and it sure did not help that certain people thought exactly the same.

I did copy some of my editing choices from the Doctor Who video (hey, I can steal from myself 😉 ), but all in all, the setup and the story told is a tad bit different. This one basically shows John from the beginning in season 1 to the end of Peacekeeper Wars and some of the things he had to do that clearly were not easy to do.

Hope you enjoy it!

Download 39.14MB file here (676 hits).


Doctor Who: What I’ve Done

Song: What I’ve Done
Artist: Linkin Park

Well – rhoboat bought me at the Sweet Charity auction back in May and sent me this song and said, “there, vid it”. :/ So…. yeah…. the song has been sitting on my computer ever since then and it wasn’t until the end of the current season of Doctor Who that I said, oh yeah, *now* I can vid this. And here’s the result. Dark!Doctor all the way to the end of season 3.

This one is for rhoboat 🙂

Download 48.83MB file here (1633 hits).


Farscape: Farscape Vice Trailer

Song: Numb
Artist: Linkin Park

I saw this trailer on TV a few weeks back when in advertised the new Miami Vice movie and I thought it was a kinda cool one. So I decided in my weird mind, I could turn this into a Farscape Vice Trailer, starring John and D’Argo 🙂 Don’t know if I succeeded, you be the judge of that.

The original trailer can be found at Miami Vice – the Official Movie Site.

Download 10.72MB file here (418 hits).