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Fringe: You’re The End Of Me

Song: End Of Me
Artist: Apocalyptica ft. Gavin Rossdale

“He was a traitor. And whatever was between us was a lie, so that he could gain my trust, so that I didn’t see him for what he was.”

I never really understood what Olivia saw in John Scott, however, I found their – still unresolved – storyline rather interesting. When I heard that song from the new Apocalyptica album, it just screamed Olivia to me, and how John’s betrayal and her search for the truth almost ruined her.

This was made for a video challenge over at Scifiverse.

Download 46.8MB HQ mp4 file here (789 hits), download a 19.8MB LQ wmv file here (675 hits) or stream below the cut.

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Multi-Fandom: Love Remains The Same

Song: Love Remains
Artist: Gavin Rossdale
Fandoms used: Tristan & Isolde, Colditz, Moonlight

Centuries may pass but one thing always remains the same: love

Originally, the vid was only supposed to be solely about Tristan & Isolde, however, I thought it might be even more interesting to show how love always remained the same, no matter what century you lived in. Since the song played in the very last scene of Moonlight, I felt it appropriate to use that fandom as well in telling my story. Since both Tristan & Isolde and Moonlight feature Sophia Myles as the female lead, I thought it might be a good idea to use her as the thin red line crossing from one story to the next. Not a lot of people will actually know the mini series I used in the middle. It’s a WW2 story called Colditz starring Damian Lewis and Tom Hardy as two of the male leads. I thought it was the most appropriate source of footage to use though as there’s quite the dramatic love triangle going on there… lots of heartbreak!

The video is a little over 4 minutes long. However, you have to remember that I am telling three stories in one go here. Hope you enjoy the result!

Download 43.37MB file here (899 hits) or stream below the cut.

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