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Doctor Who: What About Now?

Song: What About Now?
Artist: Chris Daughtry

All right, this is the first collaboration that I did together with HumansRSuperior. It all started with a “we should do a collaboration vid sometime…”. Now, 4 days and a lot of *headdesk* and *fryingpan* later, we finally finished the project! Maybe we should also mention the that *whiteflag* came up on day 3 because this video is rather clip heavy. We hope you enjoy the final version of this!

Download 44.58MB file here (1234 hits).


Torchwood: It’s Not Over

Song: It’s Not Over
Artist: Daughtry

My very first Torchwood video. The song was sent to me by a friend who asked me to make a video for the season finale, End of Days, out of it. I was not familiar with the song before, but I must say, it was an absolutely perfect fit for the episode.

This one is for Hezmanagirl!

Download 34.52MB file here (982 hits).