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Doctor Who: Memories

Song: Make A Memory
Artist: Bon Jovi

Heard the song on the radio the other day as a promotion for Bon Jovi’s upcoming CD. I immediately fell in love with the song (and it doesn’t help any that I am actually a huge Bon Jovi fan as well).

Anyways, this is not your usual music video. I kinda got carried away with an idea I had for just one spot in the vid which sort of took over half the vid. Hope you enjoy this little experiment. I also have to thank HumansRSuperior who wrote the Doctor’s letters for me 🙂

Download 41.98MB file here (936 hits).


Farscape: It’s My Life

Song: It’s My Life
Artist: Bon Jovi

I always liked this song, and when I heard this version, I just knew this had to be John and his miserable life. There were a few episodes that I could have vidded this to, but I decided on Terra Firma. It’s John’s frelling life on Earth where he doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

Download 32.68MB file here (605 hits).


Farscape: Wanted Dead Or Alive

Song: Wanted Dead Or Alive
Artist: Bon Jovi

I AM DOOOOOOONE! YAY! This was like the longest it ever took me to make a vid! But then, the song is over 5 minutes long! 😀 Anyways, I was very close to a heart attack yesterday when suddenly none of my imported clips were working anymore and I had already done around 80% of the vid. Leave it to the computer illiterate to deinstall a video codec and then wonder why nothing is working 😀 Anyways, it is finished, but not beta’ed. There is one flaw which I just saw myself, a dolby surround logo at the bottom (I thought I got rid of that :-\ ). If you see anything else, let me know. My eyes are kinda blurry atm after staring at the comp screen for hours! Before I give you the link, I have to say thanks to Brent Barrett for the audio clips and to Bugchicklv for the other help 😉

Download 18.88MB file here (483 hits).