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Jericho: Walk Away

Song: Walk Away
Artist: Aloha From Hell

“Why did you come back, Jake? Why couldn’t you just stay away?”

I confess, I am a shipper by heart. I am a hopeless shipper of those that can’t be. I call them my misery couples. It’s not like I go out and look for them. It’s more like they always seem to find me. Once in a while I hear a song on the radio and that stupid little vidding bug crawls out of hiding and asks me to make a vid for one of my misery couples. This time, it was Jake and Emily from Jericho.

Oh, and on a side note, I also like audio editing. A lot. Yup, I do.

Download 40.8MB HQ mp4 file here (818 hits), download a 21.9MB LQ wmv file here (844 hits) or stream below the cut.

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