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Farscape: Tears Of A Clone

Song: Tears Of A Clone
Artist: Alcazar

I found the title of this song first and was so set on making a Farscape vid out of it for the twinned Johns before I had even heard it! 😆 It took me a couple of weeks to finally get a hold of the song since the group Alcazar apparently never released anything in the US… at least I couldn’t find *anything* in all the stores I went to….

Finally, I found this song and then couldn’t leave it until it’s done! I have only used scenes from Eat Me on to Fractures…. ah, one exception for the opening credits, but that’s still acceptable. It’s the first vid I made that actually tries to tell a story in some way since I tried to do this in chronological order with the eps…. wasn’t very successful in some places though…

Download 12.95MB file here (400 hits).