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  1. Pacific Rim: Radioactive
  2. Fringe: Birds of Prey
  3. Fringe: Born to Live
  4. Frozen: Let It Go
  5. The Lion King: Friends
  6. Fringe: Girl on Fire
  7. Birds of Prey: Revolution
  8. Once Upon A Time: Walking With Ghosts
  9. The Big Bang Theory: Let's Go, Sheldor!
  10. Fringe: Peter Wake





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Fringe: Girl on Fire

Song: Girl on Fire
Artist: Alicia Keys

She’s living in a world filled with catastrophe… but she knows she can fly away.

I confess. Fringe has utterly and completely possessed me. From when I first saw the pilot 4 years ago on German TV to the grand finale that aired two days ago. Part of what drew me in has always been Peter and Olivia of course. Seeing what came out of that relationshop was absolutely amazing – a girl that was everything her parents were and then some more.

So this is my tribute to a girl named Henrietta Bishop.

Download 49.7MB HQ mp4 file here or stream below the cut.

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Birds of Prey: Revolution

Song: Revolution
Artist: Aimee Allen

I’d start a revolution – if I could get up in the morning.

This was made for lizbetann for festivids 2012.

Download 33MB HQ mp4 file here or stream below the cut.

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Once Upon A Time: Walking With Ghosts

Song: Late Goodbye
Artist: Poets of the Fall

What if you remember a life you were not supposed to remember?

Made for condnsdmlk for the ao3vidders exchange 2012.

I confess, I have a serious crush on Graham aka Huntsman. Why did they have to kill him off, hmph! I thought it was interesting that he was starting to remember when others weren’t. Never would have pictured him to the the Hunstman, but then… the protector becomes the protector.

So when I was matched on Once Upon A Time during the exchange, I was super duper happy. I was secretly hoping that of all the fandoms I had listed, I’d be matched on this one. Simply because I’ve been meaning to vid the show for some time already but I never really managed to sit down and vid. When the exchange came around, I finally had a deadline and a *need* to sit down and create something not just in my head. There definitely need to be more exchanges and challenges that will give me a deadline for something, otherwise I think I’ll never get anything done at all these days XD

Download 39.1MB HQ mp4 file here or stream below the cut.

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The Big Bang Theory: Let’s Go, Sheldor!

Song: Geronimo
Artist: Aura Dione

This is my Club Vivid Premiere vid 2012. I solely blame this on raspberry_splat who has been asking me since forever to make a vid for The Big Bang Theory. Since she’s been feeding my TBBT addiction (OMG I HAVE A SOFT KITTY THAT SINGS TO ME WHEN I’M SICK – THAT IS SO DAMN AWESOME, THANK YOU!), I figured why not give in and finally make a vid for TBBT. She’s been feeding me with those “you gotta put this in” and “then there’s that scene that needs to go in” – let’s not forget the “this is my favorite scene, that has to go in” – texts that I could not resist anymore. Finding a song that would both suit TBBT was a bit of a challenge though.

Originally, I had suggested this song for Club Vivid without having a fandom in mind that I could actually use for a vid. I kinda figured, if it gets approved, I can still think about it. I never really connected it to TBBT until I saw a general TBBT promo here on TV that used a Black Eyed Peas song… so I figured if they can make that work, I can see about using Geronimo for it. I started out with a general overview for TBBT, but at some point I kinda turned itself into a Sheldon Cooper vid. So I started calling it my “Sheldon Cooper is the king of geekiness” vid XD Hope you enjoy 🙂

Download 49.2MB HQ mp4 file here, download a 21.9MB LQ wmv file here or stream below the cut.

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Fringe: Peter Wake

Peter Wake – the Fringe video game.

I’ve been meaning to do this little vidlet ever since I saw the episode LSD. I’m a gamer, and one of the games I thoroughly enjoyed was the XBox360 exclusive Alan Wake. Reviewers say it’s a mix of Stephen King and Twin Peaks and I gotta agree there. There’s an additional DLC for it called “The Writer” which inspired this little vidlet. The audio was taken from the trailer which is available for streaming on the XBox Live Channel on your game console (in case you have one 😉 ). The video is composed of clips from Fringe’s episode 3×19 LSD plus some Photoshop graphics I spliced in between. Remember when watching that Alan Wake is a horror/thriller game so the vidlet it set along the same lines.

Download 17.6MB HQ mp4 file here, download a 5.3MB LQ wmv file here or stream below the cut.

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