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Archive for August, 2012

The Big Bang Theory: Let’s Go, Sheldor!

Song: Geronimo
Artist: Aura Dione

This is my Club Vivid Premiere vid 2012. I solely blame this on raspberry_splat who has been asking me since forever to make a vid for The Big Bang Theory. Since she’s been feeding my TBBT addiction (OMG I HAVE A SOFT KITTY THAT SINGS TO ME WHEN I’M SICK – THAT IS SO DAMN AWESOME, THANK YOU!), I figured why not give in and finally make a vid for TBBT. She’s been feeding me with those “you gotta put this in” and “then there’s that scene that needs to go in” – let’s not forget the “this is my favorite scene, that has to go in” – texts that I could not resist anymore. Finding a song that would both suit TBBT was a bit of a challenge though.

Originally, I had suggested this song for Club Vivid without having a fandom in mind that I could actually use for a vid. I kinda figured, if it gets approved, I can still think about it. I never really connected it to TBBT until I saw a general TBBT promo here on TV that used a Black Eyed Peas song… so I figured if they can make that work, I can see about using Geronimo for it. I started out with a general overview for TBBT, but at some point I kinda turned itself into a Sheldon Cooper vid. So I started calling it my “Sheldon Cooper is the king of geekiness” vid XD Hope you enjoy 🙂

Download 49.2MB HQ mp4 file here, download a 21.9MB LQ wmv file here or stream below the cut.

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