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Archive for March, 2011

Fringe: The Story of Olivia and Peter

Song: Mr. Gaunt PT 1000
Artist: Soap and Skin

“My name is Peter.” – “Mine’s Olivia.”

While this vid is heavily based on episode 3×15, Subject 13, I’d more say it is about the actual relationship of Peter and Olivia, both back then and now. The show managed to give their relationship such a depth, it totally blew me away. Two kids who saved each other 1985 grow up not knowing what happened to them and still, 25 years later, they find their way to each other because they both are in need of saving once again.

This video contains spoilers for up to episode 3×16, Os.

Download 33.3MB HQ mp4 file here, download a 9.17MB LQ wmv file here or stream below the cut.

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