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Archive for February, 2010

Multi-Fandom: Candymen 2.0


Song: Candyman
Artist: Christina Aguilera

Candymen 1.0 was made for Club Vivid @ Vividcon 2008. Candymen 2.0 was made for Escapade 2010 just because I thought the vid needed a reboot to celebrate some of the new hot faces on TV.

Thanks a bunch to humansrsuperior, ltgarrix, raspberry_splat, rhoboat and thedothatgirl for providing me with extra clips. I really appreaciated it!

Download 29.8MB HQ mp4 file here, 14.2MB LQ wmv file here or stream below the cut.

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Doctor Who: In Far Off Places

Song: I Will See You In Far Off Places
Performed by:

If you had a machine that could take you any place, any time… where would you go?

papilio_luna won me at the Help Haiti auction that ran during January 2010. When I saw her prompts for a Doctor Who vid, this one was listed under Ten/Rose shipper vids. The reason why I chose it was because this song is not your usual lovey dovey soft music shipper song at all and I really liked that. It’s different – and so is the vid!

There are spoilers for The End of Time Part 2 in this vid!

Download 39MB HQ mp4 file here or 37MB LQ wmv file here.