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Archive for March, 2008

Ashes to Ashes / Life on Mars: Ashes of Mars

Song: Hostage Crisis
Artist: Immediate Music

This is a very short crossover piece of Life on Mars and it’s sequel, Ashes to Ashes. Though they are both stuck in the past, Sam Tyler and Alex Drake couldn’t be any different.

Originally, I only meshed the audio together to do some audio editing. The resulting piece, however, sounded so compelling that I just had to turn this into a vidlet.

Download 4.16MB file here or stream below the cut.

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The Mist Teaser

Song: Nexus 5
Artist: Immediate Music

My vidding muse is currently on vacation on a remote island and apparently seems to enjoy it there so much she doesn’t want to come back! So I am trying to get my groove back by doing short vidlets for stuff I haven’t vidded before.

This is a one minute teaser trailer for Stephen King’s The Mist. Yes, I am a horror freak, I admit it, and I *love* Stephen King! I watched this movie and there was a short scene in it that made me go, “hey, that could be a great opening scene for a trailer.” And from there it went…….

Download 5.73MB file here or stream below the cut.

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