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Archive for July, 2007

Doctor Who: Jack is Back

Song: He’s A Pirate
Artist: Klaus Badelt

Yup, this is from the Pirates of the Caribbean. What fits for one Captain Jack can fit the other Captain Jack as well, right 😉

The original version of this song runs about 1:20 mins, so in order to meet the 90 seconds criteria for the 2nd Challenge the Vortex challenge, I extended the song… 3 times… cause I had more story to tell then music! LOL

Hopy you enjoy it!

Download 28.3MB file here.


Farscape: I’m Sorry

Song: Hurt
Artist: Christina Aguilera

Yeah, I know, I have neglected my Farscape vidding quite a bit the last few months. I’ve gotten quite obsessed with vidding for Doctor Who…. Anyways, I started this way back in February and it has been sitting about 30% finished on my harddrive since then. A few days ago, I thought I could give this another go. I revised most of the original draft I had and set myself a deadline that I wanted to get this done. I had some help, inspiration (and pushing) from HumansRSuperior and Rhoboat along the way and I think without them, I wouldn’t have finished this. Ever. Big thankies to them 🙂

I know the song is not to everyone’s liking. Heck, I usually don’t listen to Christina Aguilera either, but this song just screamed John and Aeryn to me. It’s basically from John’s POV, or I tried to make it that way…. Anyways, enough babble, enjoy the vid!

Download 29.27MB file here.


Doctor Who: What I’ve Done

Song: What I’ve Done
Artist: Linkin Park

Well – rhoboat bought me at the Sweet Charity auction back in May and sent me this song and said, “there, vid it”. :/ So…. yeah…. the song has been sitting on my computer ever since then and it wasn’t until the end of the current season of Doctor Who that I said, oh yeah, *now* I can vid this. And here’s the result. Dark!Doctor all the way to the end of season 3.

This one is for rhoboat 🙂

Download 48.83MB file here.


Doctor Who: Doomsday Trailer

Song Title: Main Theme (UK Version) from Battlestar Galactica

This trailer was done for the first challenge at Challenge the Vortex. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Download 7MB file here.