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Archive for January, 2007

Doctor Who: What Kind Of World Do You Want?

Song: World
Artist: Five For Fighting

This is a Nine/Rose vid. It’s not really shippery or anything. It’s more of a companion piece, telling the story of a traveler who shows his world to his new companion. He’s forgot to tell her one important thing though – that’s she’s gotta be careful what she wishes for.

Download 44.09MB file here.


Farscape: Save Me

Song: Savin’ Me
Artist: Nickelback

This video has been sitting half finished on my computer since early October. Somehow my muse took a hike along the way…. I finally sat down and just stared at this vid for whatever I don’t know how long, trying to coax the muse to come back. Eventually, he decided to have mercy with me and came back.

The whole video is solely based on Dog With Two Bones. Oh God, another vid to that episode, yeah, I know. Can’t help it. Love the episode! Hope you still enjoy the vid.

Download 38.13MB file here.


Doctor Who: Collide

Song: Collide
Artist: Howie Day

There’s only one thing to say about this: “This is the story of how I died”.

Download 59.9MB file here.


Doctor Who: Love Don’t Roam

Song: Love Don’t Roam
Artist: Neil Hannon

Yup, this is track 30 of the official Doctor Who Soundtrack. Someone challenged me to vid this song, and I am so going to get back at that person for that! It was a nightmare!

This video is a compilation of the Doctor and Rose, meaning it features clips of both Nine and Ten. It’s a funny little thing for a change. Enjoy!

Download 45.86MB file here.