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Archive for December, 2006

Doctor Who: Rose

Song: The Rose
Artist: Westlife

Ever since I saw The Runaway Bride, I had to make a misery video about the Doctor missing Rose. It was just so obvious that he deeply missed her. On my search for a song, I stumbled upon this one and thought it would be the perfect song for telling that sad story. Enjoy it!

Beware: There are spoilers for The Runaway Bride in this video!

Download 44.78MB file here.


Doctor Who: Who Wants To Live Forever

Song: Who Wants To Live Forever
Artist: Queen

This song is purely based on The Parting Of The Ways – meaning it’s a Nine/Rose vid….. with some Ten sprinkled in at the end 😉

I edited the original Queen song slightly. There’s a new passage in and the end is missing. I think this way the song fits a lot better to the story I wanted to tell.

Oh, and there’s nothing wrong with your monitor, this one is black and white 😉


Download 37.14MB file here.


Doctor Who: Chasing Cars

Song: Chasing Cars
Artist: Snow Patrol

Uhm, yeah, so I know this o­ne has been vidded quite a few times for the Doctor and Rose already. I made another o­ne to add to the batch. Sue me! This is one of my favorite songs, and I just couldn’t go without making a vid to this.

And, I know I know, this download is huge. I don’t know why it turned out that big. Maybe because the vid is over 5 minutes long? But I can promise you, if you are looking for a Doctor/Rose feast of cuteness, it’s worth every megabyte!

Many many many MANY thanks to HumansRSuperior. If it wasn’t for her, there’d be a big black spot in this vid! And, I probably wouldn’t have made this anyway because she picked the song.

Download 55.89MB file here.


Silk Stalkings: Everything Burns

Song: Everything Burns
Artist: Anastacia feat. Ben Moody

Okay, this was my very first shipper pairing over ten years ago. And, I confess, it was the first show I made a few music videos to. Back in the days…. two VCRs hooked up together…. the stuff completely sucked! LOL
So once the DVDs came out, I could not wait until the set waas complete. The last season came in 2 weeks ago. And here’s the vid I’ve been dying to make ever since I held season 1 in my hands. It’s not a happy video, not by a long shot. If you are famiiliar with the show, it’s based on the episodes The Last Kiss Goodybe and Dead Asleep from season 5 – with lots of clips from earlier seasons sprinkled in as well. But as I said, not a happy vid.

Download 39.93MB file here or stream below the cut.

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Farscape: Torchwood

This is a short little thing, just about 25 seconds long. I redid the opening clip from the new BBC series Torchwood. It’s not the opening credits but more of a little trailer clip that runs at the beginning of each episode. If you want to have a look at the original, you can download the file here.

Download 3.65MB file here.