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Archive for September, 2006

Farscape: Farscape Vice Trailer

Song: Numb
Artist: Linkin Park

I saw this trailer on TV a few weeks back when in advertised the new Miami Vice movie and I thought it was a kinda cool one. So I decided in my weird mind, I could turn this into a Farscape Vice Trailer, starring John and D’Argo 🙂 Don’t know if I succeeded, you be the judge of that.

The original trailer can be found at Miami Vice – the Official Movie Site.

Download 10.72MB file here.


Farscape: Dark Angel Trailer

Song: Dark Angel Theme
Artist: Chuck D / Mc Lyte

This was made for the 29th Clamshell Challenge. I took the season 2 opening credits of the TV Show Dark Angel and remade them for Farscape. Well, I just exchanged Max with Aeryn, there you go. They are both soldiers, bred to serve, and they both escaped, so it kinda fit 😉 Enjoy!

Download 6.68MB file here.