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Archive for July, 2006

Farscape: In Your Hands

Song: In Your Hands
Artist: Tobias Regner

Okay, so I did another video for The Choice. Sue me! 😀 I can’t help it, I just love this episode.

This video is by far the one I have worked on the longest. I think it took me over a month to finish this. Why you ask? Have a look, and you will notice. I had to do frame by frame masking for this one. i think I ended up with close to 450 frame masks, yikes! Was it worth the trouble? You be the judge! ;D

So sit back and enjoy this little piece 😉

Download 30.29MB file here.


Farscape: Season 2 Trailer

Song: Pompeii
Artist: E S Posthumus

This one was done for the 27th Clamshell Challenge. 90 seconds pure action with clips taken only from season 2. Yup, I know I cut the song down, but hey, this was supposed to be a trailer type of thing and trailers are short! 😉

Download 19.6MB file here.


Farscape: John & Aeryn Season 1 Trailer

Song: 23
Artist: Jimmy Eats World

This was more of an experiment I started one day. I heard the intro of this song and thought “hey, this would make a cool trailer sort of thing.” So I tried to make one for John and Aeryn.

Oddly enough, by the time I was ready to post it, there pops up this new Clamshell Challenge that says to make Farscape trailers with footage from one season only. Don’t really know if this one counts, but it’s worth a try 😀

Enjoy all you shippers out there!

Download 14.45MB file here.