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Archive for June, 2006

Farscape: Only A Hero Can Save Us

Song: Hero
Artist: Chad Kroeger

This video was made by Elmolover.

I have to apologize to two persons in advance: jagwriter78 because we both started a vid to the same song and I begged her to stop (which she did) and RadiantAerynSun because I took a quote from her without really knowing. Sorry about that :hugs:

I would also like to thank Brent Barrett who did the voiceover for this video in the beginning. Thank you very much for helping me out with that!

Now about the video. It is solely based on Peacekeeper Wars because I thought the storyline fit really well with the lyrics. I chose to concentrate on the later half of the mini where all the action was going on.

This is the first time I am tackling some faster paced music with a lot of beats and drums a la rock so I hope I did this justice! Especially since Nickelback is one of my favorite bands! I hope you enjoy it!

Download 25.6MB file here.