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Archive for May, 2006

Farscape: Green Eyed Monster

Song: Nara
Artist: ES Posthumus

This vid is more of an experiment than anything else. Basically, this is the story of Green Eyed Monster in close to 5 minutes. Since the song I used is instrumental, I tried to spice up the whole narrative with a few sound clips here and there – which actually kinda turned into me using sound for every other clip there is 😉

I also kinda ran out of music in the middle of this vid, so I didn’t quite get to tell the whole story, but RadiantAerynSun said the whole thing made sense so I just left it the way it is 🙂 Now go ahead, download this and let me know what you thought about my little experiment!

Thank you Brent Barrett for the audio for this one!!

Download 36.61MB file here.


Farscape: I Still Burn

Song: I Still Burn
Artist: Tobias Regner

Nobody knows Tobias Regner – that is, unless you have been following the 3rd season of German Idol 😉 He’s the winner….. and unlike the other peeps who ever won or were in the top 10, he actually makes great music cause hey, he’s a musician himself!! He just put out an album a la Nickelback style which I absolutely love!

Now talk about this vid…. It’s a John centered piece, with lots of John and Aeryn shippiness! Basically, it’s about Aeryn helping John through his madness. I probably twisted the lyrics to the extreme to tell this story, but I think it kinda worked! Oh, and if you wanna see something crazy this is a screenshot of my Vegas project for this vid. Look how crazy!!! :laugh:

And last, this one is for a good friend I would have never met without Farscape and for the one person who gave me my inspiration back by letting me know I am not the only one 😉

Download 26.25MB file here.