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Archive for December, 2005

Farscape: Tears In Heaven

Song: Tears In Heaven
Artist: Eric Clapton

This is my vid for the 20th Clamshell Challenge. I was honored to host this challenge myself – but damn, I did have a crappy idea! 😆 Vid a song that won the Grammy for “Song of the Year”. These people have no taste ;-D

So I did find a song – after long long LONG debating with myself. This song actually was second choice, since I left my Farscape DVDs at school and didn’t have access to the episodes I would have needed for song number 1 on the list.

I tried to tell Zhaan’s sacrifice for Aeryn with this song; how bringing Aeryn back cost Zhaan her own life. I did a rather different approach with this vid, both concerning editing style and lyrics interpretation. Hope you like it!

Thanks Brent for the audio files 🙂

Download 35.23MB file here.


Farscape: Tears Of A Clone

Song: Tears Of A Clone
Artist: Alcazar

I found the title of this song first and was so set on making a Farscape vid out of it for the twinned Johns before I had even heard it! 😆 It took me a couple of weeks to finally get a hold of the song since the group Alcazar apparently never released anything in the US… at least I couldn’t find *anything* in all the stores I went to….

Finally, I found this song and then couldn’t leave it until it’s done! I have only used scenes from Eat Me on to Fractures…. ah, one exception for the opening credits, but that’s still acceptable. It’s the first vid I made that actually tries to tell a story in some way since I tried to do this in chronological order with the eps…. wasn’t very successful in some places though…

Download 12.95MB file here.


Stargate SG-1: Trouble

Song: Trouble
Artist: Pink

This is my first non-Farscape vid. I can’t believe I would ever vid Stargate SG-1, squeee! Given the fact I have only seen 7 episodes to date of this series, it’s pretty, uhm, strange anyway.

This is dedicated to the wonderful Claudia Black who does an amazing job bringing the character of Vala to life! What can I say, I just LOVE Vala!
If you haven’t seen Stargate yet, there is spoilers for episodes 8×12 Prometheus Unbound, 9×01 Avalon Part 1, 9×02 Avalon Part 2 and 9×03 Origin.

Download 24.44MB file here or stream below the cut.

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Farscape: Captain, My Captain

Song: Take Me To The Captain
Artist: Prism

I made this one for Firecracker who emailed me one day with a song she wanted to have turned into a Braca vid. Long story short, the song didn’t work for me, but she introduced me to a great Canadian 80s band and I eventually found a song that I thought fit my favorite Peacekeeper 🙂

I tried to do this one chronologically, and amazingly enough, I could get it to work with the lyrics. Some parts sound a bit funky, others are dead on in a way. All in all, I had fun with this one!

This is my personal tribute to the best Peacekeeper Captain Farscape ever had! Thanks, David!

Download 27.32MB file here.


Farscape: Some Of Us

Song: Some Of Us
Artist: Starsailor

This is my tribute to the Farscape crew!

I heard this song on Bones the other day, and it just got stuck in my head. So I searched for the lyrics, and I was just blown away. It’s the Farscape crew all over! Since I never really made a vid for the whole crew, I thought this would be it.

It is a rather quick job, don’t take some of the clip choices too serious though it is a rather somber song. And Sherry… your “just put the scene somewhere, it deserves to be somewhere, I don’t care where” panned out. See?? 😉

Download 28.48MB file here.