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Archive for November, 2005

Farscape: Bitch

Song: Bitch
Artist: Meredith Brooks

Well, this was my 2005 submission for Creation’s con in Burbank. It didn’t win, sadly, but hey, I never win anything. Never won a thing in my life, so it’s fine 🙂

This vid has some weird morphing effects in it. Took me a frelling long time to get this finally done, but I think it turned out quite good – if I may say so!

Download 29.44MB file here.


Farscape: Don’t Cry

Song: Don’t Cry
Artist: Guns ‘N Roses

This was done in answer for the 18th Clamshell Challenge for which we were supposed to pic a song from the Requested list in the Clamshell. The funny thing was though, I had already picked the song to vid, and then realized it was on the list!
It’s an Aeryn vid, mostly The Choice, but not solely. It’s rather sad as well, so you might need some cleenex!

Download 24.69MB file here.