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Archive for October, 2005

Farscape: It’s My Life

Song: It’s My Life
Artist: Bon Jovi

I always liked this song, and when I heard this version, I just knew this had to be John and his miserable life. There were a few episodes that I could have vidded this to, but I decided on Terra Firma. It’s John’s frelling life on Earth where he doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

Download 32.68MB file here.


Farscape: Hotter Than You Know – Re-Edit

Song: Hotter Than You Know
Artist: Preluders

I did the original version of this way back in February for a Clamshell Challenge. I was never happy though with the vid since the song is perfect for Chi but I could not exploit all those naughty scenes as I was restricted to season 1. So here’s the re-edit. I added clips from all 4 seasons. All in all, I think at least about half of the vid has been changed. If you liked the original, I hope you will like this one too 🙂

Download 23.83MB file here.


Farscape: Remind Me Of Love

Song: Erinner Mich an Liebe
Artist: Ich & Ich

So here’s something new……. a vid to a German song. When I first heard it, I knew this was John in IP all over. But oh bummer, guess hardly anyone understands German. So I am the nice Scaper and here’s a translation of the lyrics for you 🙂

Download 25.28MB file here.

Lyrics are under the cut.


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