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Archive for August, 2005

Farscape: Every Rose Has Its Thorns

Song: Every Rose Has Its Thorne
Artist: Poison

Yankeebelle gave me this song to listen to just because we both were bored…. and I fell in love with it 😀 I just needed to vid it. I didn’t know exactly what I had expected to do with it when I started it, but once I got going, it kinda just kept going – except for one scene. I bugged Yankeebelle, I bugged Hezmanagirl, I bugged skchwojko…. and we all could not find a fitting clip – until Yankeebelle came to the rescue and we reversed a clip which then fit perfectly! Thanks for that 🙂

Download 24.37MB file here.


Farscape: Roswell Style

Song: Roswell Theme
Artist: Dido

The opening credits of one SciF showi redone to fit another.

This was made for Clamshell Challenge #14.

Download 4.29MB file here.


Farscape: Hello

Song: Hello
Artist: Evanescence

Someone once said everyone had to make a vid to The Choice, John Quixote and Dog With Two Bones. I have vidded the other two already – so here is Dog With Two Bones! 🙂

The inspiration for this vid came from one single line in the vid: “she’s not breathing”. The first time I heard this song, I knew this was going to be Aeryn dying in John’s dream wedding. I just never could figure out what the rest would be. Until one day I sat down, searched through my list of song I could vid and a dear friend in chat asked me if I ever had considered vidding “Hello”. Well… here’s the result 🙂 A very dark look at John’s fantasies in the episode.

Download 18.06MB file here.