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Archive for April, 2005

Farscape: While You Loved Me

Song: While You Loved Me
Artist: Rascall Flatt

Guess what…. I found my John & Aeryn shipper muse back! It was on honeymoon hiatus with Yankeebelle’s muse 😀 This was a quick job, basically to try out some masking skills and such. Couldn’t really help it!

Download 20.77MB file here.


Farscape: Dreaming On Arnessk

Song: California Dreaming
Artist: The Mamas and the Papas

Since I had chosen a wrong song for the 8th Clamshell Challenge, I had to find another song…. I found this one on the Forrest Gump OST, and somehow, I don’t know, it turned into a vid about John on Arnessk… meaning this is solely based on the WWL episodes.

I couldn’t really get into either the song or the vidding, so some parts are a bit queasy, but it’s still a decent vid I would say 🙂

Download 16.08MB file here.


Farscape: Picture

Song: Picture
Artist: Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow

I heard this on the radio the other day, and I thought it would be perfect for the Farscape misery eps (which I call the eps from The Choice to Twice Shy 😀 ). I wanted to show the misery each one of them had to go through, basically caused by the other, and the song just fit perfectly. My main focus was John’s desperation in Crichton Kicks, then Aeryn’s in The Choice, and in the end for both of them Fractures, Dog With Two Bones and Terra Firma.

I had a little fun with the overlays, found a new masking type (which I used so it looks like John is watching Aeryn through the window) and added one of my drawings in one of the clips…. thought it fit 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy the vid. It clocks in at exactly 5 minutes (I know, that’s sorta long), but I had a ball with this vid 🙂

Download 18.3MB file here.

Farscape: Eye Of The Tiger

Song: Eye Of The Tiger
Artist: Survivor

Call me the dumbest person on earth, but I actually vidded a wrong song for the 8th Clamshell Challenge. I really thought this song was from Rocky I! Oh well, turned out nicely anyway 😀

This is sort of PKW based (so if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t watch it unless you want to get spoiled 😉 ). I had not planned this to be a PKW vid at all (if I had known that, it would have been 16:9 😀 ), but it somehow turned out to be one… this doesn’t mean though the clips are entirely taken from PKW though 😉

Download: 13.51MB file here.


Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars Trailer

Song: Scarrans Attack
Artist: Guy Gross

Challenge #7 over at the Clamshell was to create a teaser for PKW which clocked in at under one minute (credits not counted). This is version 4 of the teaser, and I am still only semi-okay with it. It did the job though and convinced two non Scapers to watch PKW 😀 So maybe it’s not that bad – it certainly did serve its purpose though 😉

Download 6.47MB file here.