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Archive for March, 2005

Farscape: Never Gonna Leave You

Song: Never Gonna Leave You
Artist: Daniel Bedingfield

This one is solely based on Exodus From Genesis. Some clips are a bit funky to the music, I admit that. But hey – I made this for my own challenge to vid only a single episode.

Download 14.55MB file here.


Farscape: Bone To Be Wild

Song: Born To Be Wild
Artist: Sailor

This is based on Bone To Be Wild – and the two characters in this episode who really were born to the wild: M’Lee and Talyn.

And on a final note, please take Claudia’s opening warning serious 😉

Download 20.83MB file here.


Farscape: Jirl Power

Song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Artist: Cindy Lauper

This is based solely on Coup by Clam. After all – it was the jirls who had major fun in this ep. Right, Jane Crichton 😉

Download 15.08MB file here.


Farscape: Beauty and the Beast

Song: Beauty And The Beast TV Show Theme

Now I have completely lost it, I know, I know…. I redid another TV Show theme. This time, I only had the music and what little my memory served (which wasn’t much….). It was a real quick job, I didn’t put much effort it. I am just gonna say, that opening always moved me! Hey, I was what, 12, 13, when I watched it the first time…. And I thought it just so perfectly fit, one way or another 😉 And… what’s it with guys and deep voices? 😀

Download 4.54MB file here.


Farscape: Buck Rogers

Here is…. BUCK ROGERS! Absolutely loved the show as a teen.

Download 9.52MB file here.