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Archive for January, 2005

Farscape: Who Are You?

Song: Who Are You?
Artist: The Who

I severly butchered a The Who song here, cut it down from over 8 minutes to 3 1/2 mins. And all for the sake of The Way We Weren’t…

Download 12.87MB file here (361 hits).


Farscape: Let’s Make Love

Song: Let’s Make Love
Artist: Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Yes, this vid is black and white. No, there is nothing wrong with your monitor. I figured it would suit the vid better 🙂 Besides, the original vid to the song is in black and white, too..

Download 14.62MB file here (589 hits).


Farscape: Forgive Me

Song: Forgive Me
Artist: Evanescence

This frelling vid was driving me nuts! I went to bed at 6AM this morning having had enough of it! Every time I outputted it (which took close to 2 hours on my slow comp), something else was wrong in the outputted file… something that was not in the original file! At some point, I thought I was absolutely jinxed! There still is a flash in one of the scenes and I dunno where that comes from or how to remove it since it’s not in the original, but I outputted this frelling vid 7 times!

Now on to the vid 🙂 Evanescence song (run, run, here comes Evanescence again!!!). John and Aeryn in season 4, and very much thanks to Lt. Garrix who helped me out when I had hit a brick wall. I kinda found my inspiration again 🙂

Download 8.74MB file here (674 hits).


Farscape: Save The Princess

Song: Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow Theme
Artist: Edward Sheamur

I am kinda on a vid spree…. what can I say, this “use an instrumental piece” kinda appeals to me! LOL

Anyways, I was watching Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow late last night (and I mean late!) and I heard the title music, and thought ‘wow, this is John Quixote!’ Now, the bad part, that stupid theme is only a little over a minute long (which is why I am not putting it into the challenge 😉 ) and I sort of ran out of music to tell the whole John Quixote story, so now this is only a ‘save the princess, no real fight’ vid.

Download 4.35MB file here (403 hits).


Farscape: Chiana Burana

First, thanks Brent for the title and the audio clips!

Second, have you guys ever done anything backwards? That’s how I did this one, I started from the back and then went to the beginning… weird, but fun! LOL!

Third, this is Taking The Stone in a little over 2 minutes.

Fourth, the music is Carmina Burana (hence the title). I wasn’t sure if that one was eligible for the Challenge, so I figured, what the heck, make another one, put this out now 🙂 (which btw is not the instrumental one I finished last night, so I have one ready for the challenge 😉 )

Download 8.58MB file here (327 hits).