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Archive for January, 2005

Farscape: Almost Unreal

Song: Almost Unreal
Artist: Roxette

I heard that song yesterday and I would not leave my head until I sat down and made a vid out of it 😀 So I was up till about 4am, working on this, pestering Garrix with stupid Vegas questions (sorry! But I eventually *did* find out what we both were looking for 😉 ) and then just crashed over the comp…. woke up at 10am not being able to breath (terrible, terrible, terrible – and did I say terrible? – cold), but hey, the Scaper I am, I went back to the vid 😀 I had this all planned out last night, from beginning to end, and while I had done about half of it last night, the second half kinda took a life of its own today after I inserted a clip from PKW…. Oh well…. I don’t think it went into a bad direction from there 😀

I played a little with the settings and effects in Vegas (and I can honestly say I like it better than Premiere 😉 ) and this came out of it! And now I am going to have this stupid song in my head forever, grrrr. The chorus just stuck, damn 😀

Download 14.2MB file here.


Farscape: Welcome To This Frelling Universe

Song: Batman Theme
Artist: Danny Elfman

This is solely based on the Premiere – and John’s strange outlook on his new situation in a universe he didn’t even know exists!

This was made for Clamshell Challenge #3.

Download 9.6MB file here.


Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars – The Final Battle

Song: Wing Command Overture
Artist: John Arnold

This is solely based on the big grand battle in Peacekeeper Wars, showing the death of many just to experience the birth of one.

This was made for Clamshell Challenge #3.

Download 12.64MB file here.


Farscape: Wanted Dead Or Alive

Song: Wanted Dead Or Alive
Artist: Bon Jovi

I AM DOOOOOOONE! YAY! This was like the longest it ever took me to make a vid! But then, the song is over 5 minutes long! 😀 Anyways, I was very close to a heart attack yesterday when suddenly none of my imported clips were working anymore and I had already done around 80% of the vid. Leave it to the computer illiterate to deinstall a video codec and then wonder why nothing is working 😀 Anyways, it is finished, but not beta’ed. There is one flaw which I just saw myself, a dolby surround logo at the bottom (I thought I got rid of that :-\ ). If you see anything else, let me know. My eyes are kinda blurry atm after staring at the comp screen for hours! Before I give you the link, I have to say thanks to Brent Barrett for the audio clips and to Bugchicklv for the other help 😉

Download 18.88MB file here.


Farscape: Farscape Twist

Song: The Twist
Artist: Chubby Checker

This is not long, just a little over a minute. I severely had to cut the music due to the lack of scenes for this one :-\ But then, scenes only come from bloopers and deleted scenes, so I didn’t have a very big selection of what to choose anyway.

Download 4.72MB file here.