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Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time: Walking With Ghosts

Song: Late Goodbye
Artist: Poets of the Fall

What if you remember a life you were not supposed to remember?

Made for condnsdmlk for the ao3vidders exchange 2012.

I confess, I have a serious crush on Graham aka Huntsman. Why did they have to kill him off, hmph! I thought it was interesting that he was starting to remember when others weren’t. Never would have pictured him to the the Hunstman, but then… the protector becomes the protector.

So when I was matched on Once Upon A Time during the exchange, I was super duper happy. I was secretly hoping that of all the fandoms I had listed, I’d be matched on this one. Simply because I’ve been meaning to vid the show for some time already but I never really managed to sit down and vid. When the exchange came around, I finally had a deadline and a *need* to sit down and create something not just in my head. There definitely need to be more exchanges and challenges that will give me a deadline for something, otherwise I think I’ll never get anything done at all these days XD

Download 39.1MB HQ mp4 file here or stream below the cut.

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