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  1. Pacific Rim: Radioactive
  2. Fringe: Birds of Prey
  3. Fringe: Born to Live
  4. Frozen: Let It Go
  5. The Lion King: Friends
  6. Fringe: Girl on Fire
  7. Birds of Prey: Revolution
  8. Once Upon A Time: Walking With Ghosts
  9. The Big Bang Theory: Let's Go, Sheldor!
  10. Fringe: Peter Wake





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Fringe: Birds of Prey

Song: Birds of Prey
Artist: Christina Aguilera

They watch and they feed, they take what they need, they bite as you bleed, the birds of prey

I made this video as a premiere for Club Vivid at Vividcon 2014. For some reason (the reason being real life 😉 ) I forgot to put this one online before. Mea Culpa.

When I heard this song on the radio, I immediately thought of the beginning of season 3 and what Olivia had to go through on the other side. I thought the premise of the song matched up pretty much with the storyline of what happened over there, so I tried to matched up audio and video and tell one story. I hope you like it!

Download 47.7MB HQ mp4 file here or stream below the cut.

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Fringe: Born to Live

Song: Geboren um zu Leben
Artist: Unheilig

We were born to experience this one moment when we all realize just how precious life really is

I started this video in 2010 right after the episode “Jacksonville” aired. I shortly after abandoned this video and while I always wanted to finish it, I never got around to it. When VidUKon 2014 came around, I finally sat down and finished this one as a premiere for the Eurovision show. I changed the original opening I had but still kept the idea I had in mind when I started this. Since I had waiting so long to actually finish this, I also had the opportunity to draw clips from 3 more seasons of Fringe which – looking at the finished vid now – just made it so much more better 🙂

Download 53.7MB HQ mp4 file here or stream below the cut.

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Fringe: Girl on Fire

Song: Girl on Fire
Artist: Alicia Keys

She’s living in a world filled with catastrophe… but she knows she can fly away.

I confess. Fringe has utterly and completely possessed me. From when I first saw the pilot 4 years ago on German TV to the grand finale that aired two days ago. Part of what drew me in has always been Peter and Olivia of course. Seeing what came out of that relationshop was absolutely amazing – a girl that was everything her parents were and then some more.

So this is my tribute to a girl named Henrietta Bishop.

Download 49.7MB HQ mp4 file here or stream below the cut.

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Fringe: Peter Wake

Peter Wake – the Fringe video game.

I’ve been meaning to do this little vidlet ever since I saw the episode LSD. I’m a gamer, and one of the games I thoroughly enjoyed was the XBox360 exclusive Alan Wake. Reviewers say it’s a mix of Stephen King and Twin Peaks and I gotta agree there. There’s an additional DLC for it called “The Writer” which inspired this little vidlet. The audio was taken from the trailer which is available for streaming on the XBox Live Channel on your game console (in case you have one 😉 ). The video is composed of clips from Fringe’s episode 3×19 LSD plus some Photoshop graphics I spliced in between. Remember when watching that Alan Wake is a horror/thriller game so the vidlet it set along the same lines.

Download 17.6MB HQ mp4 file here, download a 5.3MB LQ wmv file here or stream below the cut.

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Fringe: Kidz

Song: Kidz
Artist: Take That

Beware when the kids come out to play!

This is my Club Vivid Premiere vid 2011. It was more of an experiment. When I first saw the original music video for this song, I thought “oh, lense flares!” which is something the people on Fringe like to play with that. Add the epic flying Take That logo to the mix and compare it with the Fringe logo and you have quite the combination! So I mixed the original Take That footage of Kidz with footage taken from 3 seasons of Fringe. The resulting video is almost 5 minutes long but I think it’s a fun little piece for an awesome dark show.

This video contains spoilers for the whole of season 3.

Download 62.4.3MB HQ mp4 file here, download a 33.2MB LQ wmv file here or stream below the cut.

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