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Farscape: What I’ve Done

Song: What I’ve Done
Artist: Linkin Park

This song was sent to me by rhoboat a while back. She won me at the Sweet Charity auction and asked me to do a Doctor Who video to this song. So I did. While I was vidding it, I thought this would also make a cool John song, and it sure did not help that certain people thought exactly the same.

I did copy some of my editing choices from the Doctor Who video (hey, I can steal from myself 😉 ), but all in all, the setup and the story told is a tad bit different. This one basically shows John from the beginning in season 1 to the end of Peacekeeper Wars and some of the things he had to do that clearly were not easy to do.

Hope you enjoy it!

Download 39.14MB file here (645 hits).


Farscape / Doctor Who: Forsaken Angels

This video is something – different. First off, I stole some audio and pics from the new Doctor Who series. The whole is still a Farscape vid though, and even if you’ve never seen Doctor Who, you’ll get what it’s all about.

It’s all a horrible nightmare!

This was made for the 3rd Beach Bash over at Terra Firma which was themed “Lost Weekend”. I think I kinda stretched the theme to its limits, but who cares 😀

Note: You may not want to watch this when it’s dark outside.

Download 21.28MB file here (479 hits).


Farscape: I’m Sorry

Song: Hurt
Artist: Christina Aguilera

Yeah, I know, I have neglected my Farscape vidding quite a bit the last few months. I’ve gotten quite obsessed with vidding for Doctor Who…. Anyways, I started this way back in February and it has been sitting about 30% finished on my harddrive since then. A few days ago, I thought I could give this another go. I revised most of the original draft I had and set myself a deadline that I wanted to get this done. I had some help, inspiration (and pushing) from HumansRSuperior and Rhoboat along the way and I think without them, I wouldn’t have finished this. Ever. Big thankies to them 🙂

I know the song is not to everyone’s liking. Heck, I usually don’t listen to Christina Aguilera either, but this song just screamed John and Aeryn to me. It’s basically from John’s POV, or I tried to make it that way…. Anyways, enough babble, enjoy the vid!

Download 29.27MB file here (516 hits).


Farscape: Save Me

Song: Savin’ Me
Artist: Nickelback

This video has been sitting half finished on my computer since early October. Somehow my muse took a hike along the way…. I finally sat down and just stared at this vid for whatever I don’t know how long, trying to coax the muse to come back. Eventually, he decided to have mercy with me and came back.

The whole video is solely based on Dog With Two Bones. Oh God, another vid to that episode, yeah, I know. Can’t help it. Love the episode! Hope you still enjoy the vid.

Download 38.13MB file here (519 hits).


Farscape: Torchwood

This is a short little thing, just about 25 seconds long. I redid the opening clip from the new BBC series Torchwood. It’s not the opening credits but more of a little trailer clip that runs at the beginning of each episode. If you want to have a look at the original, you can download the file here.

Download 3.65MB file here (377 hits).