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Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Anything The Doctor Can Do….

Song: Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)
Performed by:
Ruthie Henshall and John Barrowman
Edited by: jagwriter78 and rhoboat

This was our secret project for principia_coh who won both of us at the Sweet Charity auction. jagwriter78 edited the Doctor side of this video, rhoboat the other person’s side. This turned out to be one crack!tastic video!

There are spoilers for up to The Stolen Earth in this video!

Download 55.24MB file here (1334 hits).

Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts / Doomsday Trailer

Song: Serenata
Artist: Immediate Music

This is Army of Ghosts and Doomsday in less than 3 minutes….. It’s a trailer type thing with a lot of…. sound. Yeah, definitely a lot of sound 😀

Download 47.49MB file here (675 hits).


Doctor Who: Take Me With You

Song: Take Me With You
Artist: VAST

This was made for Larissa_J who won me at the last Sweet Charity auction. She sent me the song and told me to vid it for the Ninth Doctor and Rose. So this is 99% Nine/Rose 🙂 And it’s shippery. From the beginning to the end. It’s not really what I usually do when I vid, but I hope you still like it!

Download 40.62MB file here (703 hits).


Doctor Who: Far Away

Song: Far Away
Artist: Nickelback

I know, I did another one of those overused songs for Doctor Who, but I couldn’t help it. Ijust love that song. And it indeed is a perfect post-Doomsday song for Ten and Rose. This one has a slight AU touch towards the end.

There are spoilers for Runaway Bride in this one.

Many thanks to HumansRSuperior for beta’ing this one for me!

Download 40.38MB file here (1219 hits).

Doctor Who: I Don’t Have Anything

Song: I Don’t Have Anything
Artist: VAST

Larissa_J sent me this song a while back with the sole intent for me to make a Ten/Rose shipper vid out of it. A Ten/Rose shipper vid it is. Yup. Definitely 🙂 That’s about the single thing that describes this vid from beginning to end. It’s season 3 mixed in with season 2 (or vice versa LOL). Hope you enjoy it!

On a technical note, I have been asked several times how much time I spend on making a vid. I never timed myself before, but I did for this vid. Over the course of several days (make that over a week….), I spent a total of 78 hours on vidding this song. This does not include the render time for this video, which ended up being close to 3 hours due to the fact that the season 2 clips in this vid are run through a special effects pack that tremendously slows down a render.

Download 48.18MB file here (1102 hits).