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Doctor Who

Fan Fiction

If you came here from my old domains and and are looking for my fan fics – they are currently offline due to a server move. I will be readding them to a separate fan fic archive in the future. Stay tuned for more info.

Multi-Fandom: Candymen 2.0


Song: Candyman
Artist: Christina Aguilera

Candymen 1.0 was made for Club Vivid @ Vividcon 2008. Candymen 2.0 was made for Escapade 2010 just because I thought the vid needed a reboot to celebrate some of the new hot faces on TV.

Thanks a bunch to humansrsuperior, ltgarrix, raspberry_splat, rhoboat and thedothatgirl for providing me with extra clips. I really appreaciated it!

Download 29.8MB HQ mp4 file here, 14.2MB LQ wmv file here or stream below the cut.

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Doctor Who: In Far Off Places

Song: I Will See You In Far Off Places
Performed by:

If you had a machine that could take you any place, any time… where would you go?

papilio_luna won me at the Help Haiti auction that ran during January 2010. When I saw her prompts for a Doctor Who vid, this one was listed under Ten/Rose shipper vids. The reason why I chose it was because this song is not your usual lovey dovey soft music shipper song at all and I really liked that. It’s different – and so is the vid!

There are spoilers for The End of Time Part 2 in this vid!

Download 39MB HQ mp4 file here or 37MB LQ wmv file here.

Multi-Fandom: Candymen


Song: Candyman
Artist: Christina Aguilera

Just a bunch of candymen in one vid *snicker* This was made for Club Vivid @ Vividcon 2008.

Thanks a bunch to chocolatyshatnr, effulgent_girl, fahrbotdrusilla, humansrsuperior, ltgarrix and rhoboat for the clip suggestions and help. I really appreaciated it!

Download 19.76MB file here or stream below the cut.

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Doctor Who: Not Just An Ordinary World

Song: Ordinary World
Performed by:
Duran Duran

To sum up this vid, I am just going to quote Donna: “Rose is coming back. Isn’t that good?”

All those months ago, principia_coh won me at the Sweet Charity auction and this was her song request for Doctor Who. I’ve actually been working on this vid on and off since April and had it about 75% finished… and all that went out the window once the last 3 episodes of season 4 came about. There is not one single clip left in this vid from that 3/4 finished vid .I completely revamped the vid and the storyline to reflect the events of the end of season 4.

There are spoilers for the whole of season 4 in this video!

Download 54.91 MB file here.